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About MyPusaka

Our History

Pusaka Kuds is a consultancy firm in Legacy Planning and Inheritance Management positioned in Axiata Tower, KL Sentral.
Our scope of services include:

  • Providing awareness and understanding on matters related to Legacy Planning and Inheritance Management to the general public.
  • Assisting Asset owners to plan their legacy and guarding their inheritance.
  • Assisting heirs to inheritance distribute the assets in a timely and orderly manner.

More than 122 practice areas in 177 metropolitan areas

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Nov 2016
  • Started its operation in Bandar Sri Sendayan, Seremban Negeri Sembilan

MyPusaka started in November 2016 in a two storey shop lot in Bandar Sri Sendayan. To date, we are operating in Axiata Tower, KL Sentral with branches and agencies in almost all states in Malaysia.

Early 2018
  • Appeared in few national TVs and Radio : Bernama, IKIM, TV3

We received invitation for media appearance from a number of media company. One of our longest achievement was having a 21 week slot of Radio appearance with Bernama radio

Mid 2018
  • Conducted multiple trainings and seminars on ‘ Understanding Legacy and Inheritance Management’ with government agencies and multinational corporation

In part of our mission of spreading the awareness and providing our assistance in Inheritance and Legacy planning, we provide free talks to organizations and corporates. We were also invited to conduct training to several institutions and Human Resource department on the topic.

Oct 2018
  • Opened its Sales Branch in Axiata Tower, Kuala Lumpur

Another great milestone for MyPusaka is when we managed to have a new Sales Office right in the middle of Kuala Lumpur Sentral. This new positioning allow us to leverage our service to the surrounding community and make us more accessible to everyone

March 2019
  • A new emergence of the MyPusaka brand

With a strong will and passion to bring MyPusaka to a greater height, we have done a rebranding of MyPusaka allowing us to reposition ourselves as one of the top service provider in this industry.


We’re Professional

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Under our expertise, we provide our assistance in three main pillars.

Career as Consultant

Career as a Consultant 

MyPusaka encourage those who would like to start their career in Islamic Legacy and Inheritance to join MyPusaka as a certified consultant. Future consultants can also expand their field of expertise in other services such as Takaful, Investments and others as it can be an additional comprehensive service for clients.

Inheritance Distribution

Inheritance Distribution Management 

Clients are able to resolve their pending family inheritance distribution through our seamless management flow of Inheritance Disribution Management. Assisted by our consultants and panels of appointed lawyers, clients are able to have an ease of mind with a proper management of their family’s inheritance distribution.

Legacy Planning

Legacy Planning Management 

Clients are able to choose any of the tailor made comprehensive solutions based on their financial situation, family structures and value of estate. MyPusaka will advise them a suitable solution during consultation.


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Our Testimonials

This is a very good and comprehensive solution for all, not everyone know how to plan and properly execute the planning and management of legacy, hence where the role of consultant comes in, they guide us on what to do, what not to do and what to expect.
Legacy planning
My family has been trying to resolve the distribution of our late mother for almost 10 years. However due to re-trial and conflicts between us siblings the distribution were never able to get through. Thanks to MyPusaka and its team of consultants, me and my sibling are able to discuss and reach to an agreement. Alhamdulillah within a short 6 months this case has been solved and all parties involved are finally satisfied and agree on the distribution.
Wealth distribution
I am really satisfied with the knowledge and experience gained throughout my one year of career with MyPusaka. What I have gained not only can be used to help others out there but it gives me the ability to plan and manage my own legacy.

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